Door options

There’s no such thing as a standard BioGraphy kitchen. With 45 door options, plus 27 additional paint-to-order colours for further personalisation, you can create your kitchen to reflect your individual character and taste.

Lacquered doors


STYLE/FINISH: Square edge door, lacquered

Matt colours

  • white White
  • porter_porcelain Porcelain
  • porter_dove_grey Dove Grey
  • porter_cashmere Cashmere
  • porter_graphite Graphite

Gloss colours

  • glosswhite White
  • porter_porcelain Porcelain
  • porter_silver_grey_gloss Dove Grey
  • porter_alabaster_gloss Alabaster
  • porter_beige_gloss Beige
  • porter_cashmere Cashmere
  • porter_silver_grey_gloss Silver Grey
  • porter_graphite Graphite
Also available in paint-to-order coloursHeritage-Modern-STYLE_3m


STYLE/FINISH: Chamfer edge handleless, lacquered

Gloss colours

  • Tomba_Gloss_White White
Also available in paint-to-order coloursEclectic-Fusion-STYLE_2i


STYLE/FINISH: 5 piece fine frame detail, lacquered

Matt only

  • lichfield_porcelain Porcelain
  • lichfield_partridge_grey Partridge Grey
  • lichfield_rye_oak Rye Oak
  • lichfield_espresso Espresso
Also available in paint-to-order coloursRich Minimal White59218 1 1 retouch web


STYLE/FINISH: J-pull handleless, lacquered

Matt colours

  • remo_matt_white White
  • remo_matt_porcelain Porcelain
  • remo_matt_dove_grey Dove Grey
  • remo_matt_cashmere Cashmere
  • remo_matt_graphite Graphite

Gloss colours

  • remo_gloss_white White
  • remo_gloss_porcelain Porcelain
  • remo_gloss_dove_grey Dove Grey
  • remo_gloss_alabaster Alabaster
  • remo_gloss_beige Beige
  • remo_gloss_cashmere Cashmere
  • remo_gloss_silver_grey Silver Grey
  • remo_gloss_graphite Graphite
Also available in paint-to-order coloursremo-doors


STYLE/FINISH: Shaker style door lacqured

Matt only

  • Fitzroy Porcelain Porcelain
  • Fitzroy Almond Almond
  • Fitzroy Stone Stone
  • fitzroy_partridge_grey Partridge Grey
Also available in paint-to-order coloursBiography_web 2

Feature doors

STYLE/FINISH: A choice of accent finishes to mix and match with lacquered colours

  • reclaimed_oak Reclaimed Oak Square edge door, textured wood effect
  • character_graphite Character Graphite Square edge door, textured wood effect
  • chalk_blue Chalk Blue Square edge door, matt lacquered
  • remo_elm Remo Elm J-pull handleless, wood effect
  • black_glazed Black Glazed Tinted glass with black metal frame
  • bronze_glazed Bronze Glazed Tinted glass with black metal frame
  • broadoak_rye Broakoak Rye Shaker, solid timber frame
Style 7 feature door

Available in further paint-to-order colours

Colour your kitchen to suit your style, creating a canvas that makes a personal statement – with the confidence that each shade in our palette harmonises seamlessly with the rest. You literally can’t go wrong. Form a functional foundation with gorgeous greys and earthy neutrals or you can add more drama with bolder, richer tones.

Our paint-to-order colour palette (matt or gloss) is available in our Porter, Parker, Tomba, Lichfield, Remo and Fitzroy door styles.